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CATHERINE REVIVAL! – June 22nd, 2013 @ 3PM PST – Game Center Arcade, CA


Blockheads, it’s back! #CatherineCompetitive LIVES ONCE MORE! Now with 150$ Pot Bonus provided by our friends in Australia, New Game Plus ! Look forward to fun and exciting plays from some old favorites and even more hilarity as the June 22nd event continues with more news later this week! Share with your friends; you won’t want to miss out! Remember to join us on and look forward to more HYPE! Hope we see you there at Gamecenter Arcade!

Regular Lineup Also Included, except for BUSHIDO BLADE, SINGLE ELIMINATION, BEST OF ONE! Fight with honor, or die trying!


Venue Fee: 7$

Tournament Entry: 5$ Per Game, Except Bushido Blade Will Be Lower

See you there! GET HYPE!