April Fools Day 2012 – Our New Mission: Major Norcal Install Changes in Game Line-Up

Happy April Fools Day everyone. Norcal Install will post more news regarding upcoming events in the next couple of days. Check out Dong Dong Never Die through Google, and for Mane6 development click this link here, we wish the developers all the best in their future iterations of the game. Shout-outs to the actual authentic Brawl Club e-mail for existing to hit our prank home. Stay godlike everyone.


For the past few years, Norcal Install has stood for the lesser-known games, and promotion of its community in hopes it can grow bigger. Unfortunately GameCenter Arcade will be closing its doors to become a Chuck-E-Cheese’s, so the future venue is currently tentative, and we thank GCArcade for all of their support up to this point. After more than 1.5 years of streamed tournament hype, we’ve come to a completely new perspective.

After watching the success of our previous games, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, KOF, Soul Calibur, and Gundam, as well as Catherine, we have decided to aim for the greater objective of promoting even lesser known games and forsaking these past few, as they have been on television at some point in time, and eSports exists for each respectively.

Henceforth, look forward to these games:

Dong Dong Never Die is a Chinese fighter that creatively utilizes sounds and poses from already existing games to create this great freeware battler. We hope to reach out to more of the Asian player base, particularly the Chinese player population, to bring over more of this quality work. A sample gameplay video is below. We hope the number of supers and the unique character designs will bring in the HYPE.

The second game that has our full support is Mane6, or Fighting Is Magic. Given the number of approximate bronies on the internet, and the HYPE they generate, we would like to reach out to this community in hopes this game receives as much support as possible and encourages local play. Players are enthusiastic as the fine tuning of their lovable ponies is actively observed today, and can forever be observed once the final build is complete. We have wall combos, unique normals, and fair, uniform pony-boxes. We are HYPE.

Finally, we’d also like to include this game as the last addition to the line up:

However, this organization will only be utilizing the following rule-set and observed mannerisms as taken from the official Brawl Club rulebook, as listed below:

We believe it’s necessary to utilize these formalities in the deliverance of HYPE. HYPE is only generated by the HYPE-EST players who have a HYPE time period in which they sit and watch only for HYPE times. HYPE items with HYPE stages can deliver the most HYPE situations as HYPE is generated from 2v2 HYPE, character loyalty HYPE, and HYPE standards of HYPE rock-paper-scissors Smash-Ball tossing.

We hope you enjoy and understand our official view and will continue to watch us in the future. Stay tuned for more information tomorrow! Until then, stay MILDLY-EXCITED!


About NCI: Norcal Install

Tired of watching the same couple of fighting games dominate the internet? The most intense matches to hit a controller, we are Norcal Install, Northern California's Premiere BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, and Arcana Heart scene! Community-Run Tournaments, Events, and Uploaded Media with Commentary! Welcome to air-dash central! It's time air-dash fighters had their fair share in the fighting game spotlight!

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  1. julio fernandez

    Brawl? why? D:

  2. That, my friend, is the only way to play Brawl. Taunting is not HYPE!

  3. Holy crap, that was an actual e-mail? That club must not have lasted very long.
    (I’m kind of tempted to find out where this club is being held, now. I want to see how terrible their matches are.)

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