Super NCI Information! TODAY! (Updated 2:11PM PST,SUNDAY)

SCHEDULE OF GAMES (All games start at 12:00PM Both Days)

Registration is ON-SITE ONLY. More details here.

Come Friday evening to meet the players and have some ice cream, courtesy of Game Center Arcade!

Also welcome the Skullgirls Sunday side tournament, courtesy of Mike Z and the guys at Reverge Labs!


Brackets from 12 PM:
Full Bracket (Evening):


Top 4 Finals:
Full Bracket from 12 PM:

Top 8 Finals:

Stream Monster Appreciation Event!

Watch the stream either Saturday or Sunday, for a chance for a free Exclusive SUPER NCI T-Shirt!

Keep Updated:


About NCI: Norcal Install

Tired of watching the same couple of fighting games dominate the internet? The most intense matches to hit a controller, we are Norcal Install, Northern California's Premiere BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, and Arcana Heart scene! Community-Run Tournaments, Events, and Uploaded Media with Commentary! Welcome to air-dash central! It's time air-dash fighters had their fair share in the fighting game spotlight!

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