BlazBlue: CS EXTEND Revolution Preliminaries! + Super NCI Major INFO!

Norcal Install with GameCenter Arcade is hosting one of the few BlazBlue Revolution Preliminary Qualifiers in Northern California! Come with your 3 member team for a chance to win stuff from Aksys Games and compete for favorable seeding positions in the United States qualifier on February 25th, in Walnut, California!

NCI Preliminary Rules:

  • Please only enter the team tournament if you are seriously planning to go to the qualifier in Late February in Southern California.
  • Teams are 3v3, Double Elimination Format, 2 out of 3 Matches.
  • Team Member A1 plays Team Member B1. If Member A1 wins, A1 stays on the station and Team B is allowed to choose Member B2 or Member B3 to play against Team Member A1. This continues until a team has been eliminated.
  • By signing up for the Singles Tournament for BlazBlue Continuum Shift: Extend and paying venue, players with their team are able to enter the qualifier at no additional cost. In other words, by entering Singles, you are qualified to enter the team tournament!
  • NOTE: Though Game Pads are not banned from this tournament, please keep in mind BBRevolution Qualifiers are Arcade Stick ONLY.

Winning Team Seeding Granted up to a 2 Round Bye + Aksys Goods
Runner-Up Team Various Goods from Aksys Games


On top of this event, information about the SUPER NCI MINOR on March 17-18th can now be found in the Super NCI tab on this website! Check it out for more information about this 2-Day minor, and follow us on stream this Saturday!

This month’s Stream Schedule (All Times are in Pacific Standard Time, UTC −08:00):

Starting From 12 PM (Subject to Change, ALL TOURNAMENTS START AT 12 PM):
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Tournament Play
BlazBlue Revolution Team Tournament Qualifier Matches
King of Fighters XIII Tournament Play
Gundam VS Gundam Extreme Tournament Finals
Soul Calibur 5 Side Tournament Finals
Catherine Midnight Pillow Fights

Finally if you have the time, support GameCenter and our friend since NCI’s beginning, Dacidbro in his audition for Cross Counter! See the video on the website and vote for him below!

Stay Hype!


About NCI: Norcal Install

Tired of watching the same couple of fighting games dominate the internet? The most intense matches to hit a controller, we are Norcal Install, Northern California's Premiere BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, and Arcana Heart scene! Community-Run Tournaments, Events, and Uploaded Media with Commentary! Welcome to air-dash central! It's time air-dash fighters had their fair share in the fighting game spotlight!

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